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Without a doubt it is important to care for the carpets in our homes. But caring for commercial carpet can be a challenge, or is it?

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Clean Carpet Conundrum [infographic]

Today’s infographic cleverly lets us know that a visit from the RugDoctor is sometimes just as good as a visit from the Love Doctor. Whoever compiled this infographic had the audience in mind; with its visually stimulating and sharp arrangement it is more than easy on the eyes.

How clean carpet impacts your church

By Bill Yeadon

Day care or child care facilities are a mainstay of many churches and church-supported schools. The benefits of these facilities to parents are innumerable, including the assurance that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment under the care of supportive, qualified adults

Helpful Tips In Cleaning Carpets

Some carpets are quite expensive. The prices vary according to the type of carpet fabric. Therefore, if a person wants to use the carpet for some time, it is extremely significant to take good care of it. It is wise to hire professional carpet cleaning providers to completely clean the carpet regularly.

Note:  These helpful tips will keep your residential as well as your commercial carpet looking like new.


Here is a cool video for those looking to maintain and care for commercial carpets in your business.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Denver CO

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Clean 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft an hour! Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

With the Releasit brand encapsulation carpet cleaning products and the Cimex Carpet Scrubber you can clean 2,000 to 3,000 + square feet an hour!

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